Friday, February 1, 2013

Pre-school commuting music

The Pink One has changed up the morning music on our commute to pre-school. Rather than the endless loop of "New Your Groove", I get to be serenaded from the back seat by TPO & Taylor.

Enjoy and in case you'd like to simulate my experience this morning turn it up eleven and play 3 times continuously... thank gawd its a short commute. 


  1. Must be a short song if you can play it three times on a short commute....although, short is a relative term. ;)

    1. About 12 minutes is the actual drive time to get from home to the pre-school, which isn't the farthest point in town form my house. We live in the sticks, the town is 88 Sq Miles, so a short commute is anything less than 20 minutes.