Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Overheard at the Homestead

Big T (2years old) is having a temper tantrum (again) and me being me, I will not not give in to his demands...

Big T: I want Cheez-its!
Yours Truly: No, Its almost dinner time. 
T: (arms crossed) I'm mad at you daddy!
YT: You're mad at me?
T: Yes, I'm Mad!
YT; Why are you mad?
T: because I want Cheez-Its
YT: It almost dinner, so no Cheez-Its
T: (Crying): You're mean!
YT: T, I am the reigning Worst Dad Ever and its not title I'm going to give up without a fight... no Cheez-Its, now go wash your hands or you can stand in the corner and cry.
He looks at me and then Mommy...
T: Mommy I want Cheez-its!
Mommy:You heard daddy, no Cheez-its. Go wash your hands.
Big T shuffles off whimpering to wash his hands in the bathroom.

Mommy: You have your hands full with him, he's as stubborn as you.

YT: I can hardly wait until he gets into the school system... his first confrontation with a teacher that tells him to do something that he doesn't want to do probably won't end well.

Mommy: For whom, the Teacher or Big T?
YT: Both...

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