Monday, January 28, 2013

Avoiding the draft

Having a dog is like living life with a perpetual 3 year old... even worse when they are puppies. I don't know what the hell I was thinking getting a puppy in the dead of winter. It has been absolutely miserable standing outside trying to house train a puppy in single digit weather.

The past 3 weeks have been, ehh "trying" would best describe the situation for me at Casa de coop. Not that it's always peace and harmony, but man, add a 10 pound 4 legged fuzz ball to the ever volatile situation that is my life as a AFOF and you just never know when defecation is going to hit the oscillating air mover.
However, we are all making progress... the kids are learning the proper ways to play with and handle the puppy. The puppy is learning its place in the pack and we are working on the house training with fewer and fewer accidents each week. The big red dog still in not impressed with what she would affectionately call a  "visitor", (that's if she could talk of course)  but they seem to be tolerating each other.

The puppy and I came in to warm ourselves after a recent training exercise in the frigid weather. I sat in the seat next to fireplace and Amber found a location that provided an ample area for her to lounge, take advantage of the heat from the fireplace and also avoided any drafts from the floor...

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  1. Great "Awww" pic!
    Greta post, too! Asa dog owner, this one really spoke to me.