Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Is she ready?

She has been ever vigilant.... watching over the 4 of them them for the past ten years.

I hope she can pass the baton... not sure she is ready to do it just yet, but ready or not she'll have company in a few weeks.

Official name is TBD but the names on the short list:
Abigail / Abby

She'll be officially part of AFOF's pack in about 3 weeks.


  1. It's so hard to see them age and begin the decline. My heart goes out to you Coop.

    Congratulations on the new puppy. I think it's a very good idea. We got Angus a little over a year before we lost Chrisi. When Trooper passed I didn't think I'd ever do it again but the truth is I'm just not complete without a dog. Getting him when we did allowed Angus to spend a year with Chrisi and in a way that continued the line. Trooper to Chrisi and now to Angus. An unbroken line and a living testament to all those two were. I see both of them every time I look at Angus and it's a comfort. You're doing the right thing. Absolutely.

    FWIW I like Abigail.

    Prayers Coop.

    1. Six, Thanks for the kind words... I know its coming, but I'm not even close to ready for it myself.

      We had a few inches of snow last night and Bailey couldn't wait to get out and roll in it. According to my wife you would have thought she was 3 again!

      Abigail is one of the favorites, especially with The Pink One. Another name that popped up last night was Belle.

      All the best to you & Lu! Have a Happy & Healthy New Year!