Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Overheard at the Homestead

Going through the morning routine my wife was double checking she set out everything required for school attire: 

Mommy: Big T, where is your underwear?

Big T: I don't need underwear.
M: No? 
Big T: nope, I just need to be very careful when I use my zipper!

Hard lesson to learn, even when you are 4 years old.  

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When did that happen?

I smiled when I woke this morning and thought about the morning 13 years ago, it was a day very similar to today, cold, brisk and bright sunshine. I could barely contain the anxiety on the ride to the doctor, then to the hospital. Several hours later, low and behold, #1 was born and I was now "daddy". (blink...blink... ) the smile faded when it occurred to me, "son of a b!tch, I can remember being 13!!!"

heh I'm told that raising a teenager is where the rubber meets the road and you truly earn your stripes as a parent.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Christmas Creep, IRS Style...

Christmas seemed to come a bit earlier than usual this year,  didn't it Ms. Lerner

I know this is going to come as a shock to many people, but it would appear that the IRS scandal has come to a close with NO CRIMINAL CHARGES!!! BTW, this was predicted by yours truly, here and again here.

Since I'm on a roll, I'm going to go out on that limb again let ya'll know it's going to be the same damn thing with Bengazi and the email server for Madam Secretary.   Regardless, she'll be able to pardon herself in a little over 12 months anyway.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Overheard at the Homestead

The Pink One: Is it your anniversary?

Wife: No, That is next month. Why?

TPO: Then why are you going out with Daddy tonight if its not your anniversary?

Wow, even a 7 year kid knows we have no life...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Notes from the weekend...

It would appear that changing classses and other activities realted to Middle School is rather exhausting...

This is on the way to practice. Turns out that several of his teammates were in a similar condition prior to arrival at the ball field. Ahhh puberty.

It was a busy weekend for him... The next night he was out trekking with the boy scouts on a backpack trip where he'd carry all of his supplies and food in his backpack. He'd pitch his tent, prepare his dinner on his portable stove and then hike 10 miles along the AT the next morning.

Big T has new hobby which is good thing. It consists of a metal detector, a shovel and my backyard, which is not so much of good thing.  He asked for my help and I showed him how scan the ground and using a nail on the deck what he should hear when found something. I then sent him into the back yard and told him to call me over in the event that he found anything and I'd help him dig. ( I was to be the digger and he was the scanner) I walked inside to grabbed a water, returned to the deck and prepared to settle on the deck to read while I thought he'd wandered aimlessly about the yard finding little... I never got to sit down. I heard the first beep, went to help him retrieve the random lost nail, I'd start to head back to the deck and the detector would beep again...
Final tally: ~ 6 nails, 10-12" piece of wire, a unrecognizable piece of iron and the top cap of watch battery.

Oh and about a dozen holes in my yard... although it is hard to tell thanks to the dog and the lack of rain we've had this summer. I'm going to take him to the local swimming hole once they close it down and drain it a little bit to see if we can't find some real treasure!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

When Good Copper goes bad and other notes form the weekend...

Heh...The grey water drain pipe went and split on us late last week and I do mean "Split"

It was installed as part of the original plumbing ~50 years ago, long before PVC was the norm.  Who am I to complain, I know I have more than few cracks and splits after almost 50 years!

Unfortunately it was behind the finished walls installed by one of the previous owners. We've converted the area to a storage area so we don't use the area all that much. Since it was walled in and carpeted it prolonged the discovery, read: big f'n mess!

My repairs will hold it for now but I want to replace the 1.5" pipe with 2" or 3" plumbing.  I did not realize this short coming when I first bought the house, otherwise I would have addressed it earlier. ie- before we moved in,  my oversight... live and learn

In other news:

-I'm hear to tell you that when it comes to appliances, GE stand for "good enough" as in good enough to last until the warranty expires. Fridge went over the weekend and we were fortunately enough to catch it before we lost any food. Turns out my Father in-law had a spare fridge that he just removed from a rental property when they refurbished the house.  So we have something (much smaller) in place until we decide what we want to do going forward. A friend of mine who works on commercial units tells me that regardless of the brand, most household refrigerators will only last 5 years, tops.

- Sitting on hillside over looking the valley as the sunset and enjoying ice cream  with my family, made the line that stretched over 100' out the door just to get into the creamery worth it.  (My choice-  Great White Way: White chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chunks and raspberry swirl.

- A small (1/6) Keg of Sam Adams Oktoberfest costs a LOT more than I recall.  I'm guessing that the half kegs come with financing options.  However, it is still cheaper in the long run. I did the math, the small keg costs the same as 7 six packs* yet holds equivalent of 9.19 six packs.  Regardless, even if the cost were the same, I'd still opt for the keg. The simple truth is that draft beer just tastes better.

-Thank you to the folks at Apple Support for crediting the equivalent of three half kegs worth** of in-game app purchases.  No questions asked. Although our detailed explanation that accompanied the request, coupled with the review of the purchases over the 5 day period in question and seeing that we deactivated the offending device from the authorized purchase list probably was all the confirmation that was needed, 

*your mileage may vary.  
**This one is for extra credit and, no, it is not an exaggeration.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Overheard at the Homestead

Wife: I was really surprised yesterday, #1 showed that he actually cares for me.
Your truly: Why, what happened?
W: I bumped my head while he and I were looking for the TV remote and he stopped and asked if I was "OK".
YT:  He was just making sure you were OK so you could make him a sandwich.
W: you're probably right

Friday, August 14, 2015

J3, Do you see a problem?

Because I f@cking* don't see the problem.
*note-I try to keep the blog PG-13... real life, not so much.

Honestly, (although my wife would likely argue otherwise) I try not to curse at all around kids, the "problem" is that its an unfuckingbelieveable paininthefuckingass and nearly imfuckingpossible when I'm constant surrounded by kids thanks to scouts, soccer, baseball,tae kwon do and the like. Not to mention they are always doing some thing (intentionally or otherwise, especially the Pink One) that drives me batfuckingshitcrazy to a point where my head is going to exfuckingplode so I snap and then... well, it's not a f@cking problem anymore, at least for me.

*deep breath* ah... parenthood!

I feel better and I now I can go home and not curse around my kids, which I expect to last about 5 f@cking minutes... if that. 

Image courtesy of Angel

works with Beer too!

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For all of my teacher friends...

Just a friendly reminder to drink up,  back school is only a few weeks away!

h/t to Wirecutter

Friday, August 7, 2015

A dose of fatherly advise from left field...

Well, actually it was center field... or maybe it was right field? I don't know anymore, all I know is one minute I'm practicing with #1 &  Big Red (formally known as #2) at the ball field as they took turns shagging flies, the next minute Big Red (BR) is having melt down.

a little back ground- BR gave up on little league 2 years ago, he had little interest in competitive sports. Then he came back to me mid season this year and said he wants to play next year. Ever since then he's been working on getting his game back in order. Throwing, catching, hitting, etc. He's 10 now and with not playing the last 2 years he really missed out of the important drills and instructions that one would use to develop the proper techiniques. However, he's willing to learn therefore I'm willing to teach. In the midst of all of this, #1 is excelling at baseball (after the broken arm healed) and he showing the signs of someone who has played ball since he was 5. He plays 3 seasons a year, is involved with Little League, a travel team, played in various tournaments and even went played in Cooperstown. There is no comparison to the two boys. One who hasn't played in 2 years and one that hasn't stopped playing in 7 years.

Anyway... back to the field.
They are taking turns, #1 is showing off his best Brett Gardner skills, BR is just trying to catch one with little success, but he is trying and although I can't tell, is getting frustrated. 
I hit one to BR and he runs to get it, it bounces off the ground then hits his glove, rolls up his arm and past him. He falls to ground in a heap and begins  
I know he's OK, I can tell by the cry that he's not hurt (physically). I get out to him and ask what's up.

Through the wails and tears I get something like:
TheonlyreasonIsaidIwantedtoplayoutfieldisbecauseIwantedtobelike#1but (snifff)hesmakingallofthecatchesandIcantcatchanythingandIllneverbelikehim...

blink, blink.

I send #1 away and calm BR down and ask him to repeat himself:
Big Red: The only reason I said I wanted to play outfield is because I wanted to be like #1, but he's making all of the catches and I can't catch anything and I'll never be like #1.... 
Yours truly: Who said I wanted you to be be like #1?
BR: But he's good at baseball!
YT: Yes he is and he worked and practiced hard to get where he is and don't forget he's also 2 years older than you and has been playing non-stop since tee ball.
BR: but I get mad, I can't catch anything.
YT:  That's why we are here, buddy. To practice, to learn, to gain confidence so when the season starts and the games are going on that you don't think about it, you know that you'll catch the ball when it comes to you and have fun playing baseball. You can't expect to walk out on that field next spring after 2 years off with no practice and think you are going to be as good as you were when you left the game or be as good as your brother. It takes time, we'll get there.
 BR: But I'll never be like him!
YT: Good, I don't want you  to be like him, I want you to be you. Let's just focus on being BR, doing our best and not worry about being like anyone else. (as #1 walks up to us I add) Besides I have enough problems dealing #1's garbage, I don't need you trying to be like him and adding to THAT pile!
#1(smirking) I know, right? 
BR: (now smiling) ok

Not sure I'm doing this right, but I'm trying... the lord knows I'm trying.