Friday, April 18, 2014

Quote of the day

"Jersey Girl Triathlon...  What's that? Shopping, getting a manicure and tanning done in the same afternoon?? "

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quote of the day...

we're quite a team… I don't listen (can't hear) and you don't read (can't be bothered)…

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Overheard at the Homstead

Wife: Wow, did you see that a 8.2 magnitude Earthquake just struck some where around Chili?
Yours Truly: That's a big one... won't be long before they blame earthquakes on Global Warming too. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

A smoked fatty...

No, no no, not that kind of Fatty...

This Kind:

If you want the particulars on how to construct this and other Fatties's, go see Steve at the Black Peppercorn! 

Have you seen me? Part II

Its more like part 612, but for the sake of this blog, its number 2.

Three years ago I posted about how The Pink One (TPO) disabled a boat and had me chasing my tail for the better part of a week. Go here to read that adventure.

To set the current scene, its Saturday AM.
We have 2 soccer games at Noon and the boy's (1 &2) are hosting a birthday party at 2pm. Ten 11 and 9 years olds are taking over casa de Coop. Its the Chaos before the Storm. The Wife has been up for hours shopping and cleaning in preparation. She just returned from the store with the ice cream cake.

TPO: Mommy wants you... downstairs.
Yours truly: uh-oh, this can't be good.
TPO: Waffles are not frozen.
YT: (crap, the spare fridge that came with the house is dead) OK

Arrive in  basement.
Wife: Looks like we lost the spare fridge.
YT: Is everything bad? 
W: no, everything but the waffles are still frozen. Milk in the fridge is still cold.
YT: OK, let's relocate everything, we have the space upstairs and in the chest freezer. This old thing doesn't owe us anything. When was the last time you were in here?
Wife: I brought up a gallon of milk last night when I got done with the laundry. It was fine then. Just make sure you unplug it, no need to waste more energy.

Disaster was avoided, only the waffles and some fish were thrown away, not bad considering what was in there. We still need to get a spare fridge. I start planning the week in my head so I can get to the store get another.

A few hours later, party is cranking along and I go get the ice cream cake out of the chest freezer. I decide to check the fridge once before I pull the plug for good. Freezer is room temperature, *sigh*. I open the fridge door and glance in the back to make sure we didn't miss anything when we cleaned it out. There were still a couple beers, but nothing that would go bad (ie- Dairy, bread etc.)  I look up and notice the control panel in the back of the fridge, its along the top. I forgot it was there, I can't see it unless I bend way down. Hmm... why is the switch turned off on the freezer and fridge? I turned the knobs. Nothing happens, not a surprise, some fridges take a bit to come on when shut off. Why were they off? Oh yeah, the wife mentioned that she wanted it unplugged as not have to waste any more power. Maybe she didn't want to wait for me and just took matters into her own hands. I left the knobs in the middle position and figured I'd come back and check in few hours just to be sure.

I catch up to my wife a few minutes later.
YT: Hey, I see you didn't want to wait for me to unplug the fridge and just turned it off yourself.
W: What are you talking about?
YT: The fridge downstairs, you turned it off by the knobs, didn't you?
W: no, I don't even know where they are...
YT&W: (Blink, blink) TPO!

We go check the fridge an hour later and its running like a champ!

Later that evening we confront TPO. Her initial response was denial, but once given immunity she coughed up the truth. The night before she was "Helping" mommy with the laundry and needed a juice box. Once in the Fridge she noticed the knobs, since they are right at her eye level she decided to see what they did. 

This is why I can't take anything that is "broken" or suddenly not working as simple as mechanical failure. I must assume that its its been touched, tampered with or otherwise manipulated and look for the "kill switch" (In my case, I always start at the eye level of TPO).


Friday, March 28, 2014

For my wife and Miss Cindy...

and all those other hard working women* that I know and love!

I'd buy you each a case, just for the sake of my own self preservation, especially that last one !

* stay at homes are certainly included

H/T to H&B for the image

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Good, Bad and Ugly of a head cold

Good: its not as bad as ones I've had in the past, I can still breath and smell enough that I'm not totally miserable. 

Bad: It's bad enough that my taste is effected, my sinuses are under intense pressure and my intestinal fortitude is not at its usual level thanks to an evening of little sleep and post-nasal drip.

Ugly: A co-worker of decided that today was great day to have some sort of traditional Asian steamed fish for lunch... which he enjoys at his desk, which about 10 feet from mine. 

If this was a full blown head cold, no worries... but I can still smell enough and its taking every ounce of enegry not to hurl in my garbage can. Normally when he enjoys his lunch, I go for a walk and wait for the air to clear. With the way I'm feeling coupled  with a 40MPH breeze and 30 degree temps, going for a walk to clear my head is not an option today.

As I am known to say, " Suck it Up Buttercup!"


Monday, March 24, 2014

It's called a thermocouple

From HowStuffWorks:

When used as a control device in a gas appliance, the thermocouple is mounted so that its measuring junction is heated by a pilot light. The electric current generated is sent through an electromagnet. As long as the current flows, the electromagnet holds open a valve that allows gas to reach the appliance. If the pilot light goes out, the measuring junction cools off, no current flows, and the electromagnet releases the valve, shutting off the gas.

 Kind of neat to the science geek in me... I never knew what it was or how it worked, until now.

BTW, these things go bad.

In my case its late, on a Sunday Evening, when the outside temperature falls into the teens (again).

Until this house, I've never had to deal with gas service appliances, so (as usual) I hadn't a clue what to do. I called my father in-law and, coming from owning several homes with gas service, he knew exactly what the problem was. With his help I was able to get the failed one (pictured above) functioning and the heat back on until I could get to the store on Monday. The "plan" was to replace it Monday evening. To no one's surprise (particularly me), it ended up failing again Monday mid-morning, so I went home and , after a brief stop at the big blue DIY store, 5 minutes later:

we have FIRE!

For those unfamiliar with a thermocouple or internal workings of a gas fired furnace, the pilot gas line is the grey line on the left and the thermocouple is the copper line on the right. I'm told these things fail regularly, so I'll be purchasing another one as a spare shortly.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Quote of the day

#2 (9 years old):

"Everyone has a wipe, its called your tongue"


I didn't realize this until I had kids, but I'm convinced now that baby wipes are one of man's three greatest inventions (for the record, the other 2 are the wheel and Velcro). With 4 kids we buy them by the case. Aside from cleaning baby butts,  there other uses as well. They clean stubborn stains (like permanent marker) off hands, face and other body parts. They also are good cleaning coffee stains from clothes, walls, work surfaces, etc. I keep them in the truck, boat, workshop. They are incredibly durable and if sealed, will keep forever.  Keep that in mind next time you go to the beach and your hands are covered in lotion after you apply the SPF 4000 to your kids. Or fishing and spent all day baiting hooks and (hopefully) handling fish. Trust me when I say it can be difficult to hold a beer with sun tan lotion or fish slime all over your hands, just sayin'... 

He has a future in politics

We were all in the car heading to #1's indoor soccer game: 
#1: Dad, Can I have the Xbox back?
Yours Truly: Hmmm, I don't know, aren't you the boy who lost it because he pushed his sister's head in to the wall? BTW, I found out you did the same thing yesterday as well?
#1: I didn't do it yesterday!
YT: That's not what I heard from my source.
#1: I didn't
YT: So my source is a liar?
#1: I don't recall doing it...
Wife: Nice save.
YT: That boy has a future in Politics for sure.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Ah Crap...

I had to run errands on Saturday and  my truck was blocked in the driveway, so I jumped into the wife's overpriced commuter car. With no Ipod or XM available, I was searching for some music on the radio. I hit the various station buttons and I finally settled on a station that was playing a song that I recognized from the days of my youth. That one ended and another favorite came on... cool. So I continued on my little jaunt, humming blissfully away. Eventually the DJ came on and did their standard cut away/tease of the music coming up after the commercial (more songs I recognized and liked). Thinking to myself, "wow this is a cool station" and then came the jingle... that's when it hit me like a freight train, I was listening to the Oldies Station.

*blink, blink*

When did I take this Exit? I never even saw the sign:

Population : You!

Ah Crap!

I was going to post the playlist, however due to my advanced age I couldn't remember any of the songs, except for this one:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Overheard at the Homestead

Wife: Can I get a horse?
Yours Truly: A what ?
W: A horse, we just talked about it.
YT: No
W: come on, there are 13 horses that are going be euthanized. (she shows me the photo of a flyer on her phone from FB)
YT: Are you out of your mind?
W: They are going to kill them and I can take one. But I'll only take it if they are free.
YT: Buying the horse is the easy part, its everything else that costs a fortune
W: c'mon...
YT: I'll tell you what, if they are free, let's get one
W: Really?
YT: yeah, we'll bring it home and slaughter it ourselves, then we could use it to feed the dog.
W; (walks away)
YT: Wait, where are you going, everyone wins... except for the horse of course.

just kidding, folks, no way would I even consider harming one of those magnificent animals.