Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hard work will pay off, even for an 11 year old.

No one is entitled to anything in this world.  From my (limited) experience the road to success is paved by putting in your time, working hard and eventually it will pay off and good things will happen. I have tried to instill this mindset into my children, but they are still a little young (and thus impatient) to understand which often lead to me becoming frustrated. 

However it would appear that I have made a break though,  recently #1 was rewarded for a couple of years of his hard work and dedication and I couldn't be more proud of him.

He absolutely loves to play baseball but it quickly came apparent when he was younger that he didn't have a lot of natural talent and would need a bit of help. That doesn't stop him from wanting to play.

Then the questions came at me  :
How do I throw the ball father? I told him to practice more and we worked on building arm strength and improving technique.
How do I hit the ball further? His grandfather gave him some pointers and we worked on a batting tee.
Why can't I hit a home run? I told him, not everyone hits home runs. You are faster than most boys out there, you can out run the play to first, hustle!*  We started studying Jeter and focused on making good solid contact with ball.  Then we worked smart base running and stealing. He the realized how much fun it is to steal. 

Then he started to work on the nuances of the game and going to baseball camps. There he learned how to anticipate where the play is going, always move when the ball is in play, no one should be standing still. Where do you go if the ball is hit ______? Remember, listen to the coaches. That was key, he has been very lucky to have had coaches that continuously built him up and supported him. No screaming or yelling, just encouragement. 

What has occurred over the past 4-5 years is now what he lacked in natural talent he more than made up for in passion, hard work, hustle and all out heart for the game. He knows where he should be and gives 110% on every play. We've been told over the years by many of his coaches/managers that NO ONE plays harder and smiles the entire time. They wish they had bench full of players like him. I kind of sit back in amazement and pride when they speak of him so well, because its all him. I'm just the guy in the back yard helping him practice, he's the one out there making it all happen. 

Anyway, this year was his first year in the "Majors" division of little league and he was one of the youngest on his team. Spring training opened April 1st and he had been going non stop until mid June when a non-call by the umpire derailed the perfect season.  By all accounts the season was a good one and he was already looking forward to next year. Then we got word that he was selected for the town's 11 and Under Travel All Stars. They wanted him on the team because of how hard he plays and that he goes all out.  It was for one tournament against other local town, so his baseball season would continue for a few more weeks with no complaints from him.

All Star's practice began after the regular season and he had been practicing almost everyday until the start of the tournament. Even in the heat and humidity, he didn't complain and eagerly went to practice every night.

One night on the way home from practice he asked if he could play in a Fall league. This wasn't new topic of conversation, he asks all the time.  I reminded him that our town doesn't have a fall league, so he would have to be invited to play on a travel team in order to play in the fall. I asked, "don't you want to play soccer?" he responded, " No, I'd rather play baseball."  I told him after the tournament was over, I'd talk to his All Star coach and see if he knew of any team that might want to have him on their team.   In the meantime I told him to just keep playing hard and have fun, because he can't play little league baseball forever.

When the tournament finally started he went out and hustled on every play (as usual).  He started in left field for a couple of games and then was moved into second. He made few nice catches and even had a couple of hits. Unfortunately they lost their game on Saturday and were eliminated. After the post game talk was over and team photos were taken I met with the coaches and thanked them for doing such a great job with the boys and headed out of the dugout.

It was too chaotic to discuss the travel team right now, so I figured I'd follow up with them later in the week. I walked out of the dugout and was about to join the rest of my clan when I hear, "Hey Mr. Coop!" I turn and its one of the coaches.  " Do you have a minute? " No problem, I head back to the field where I am suddenly surrounded by all of the coaches and assistants from the All-Stars.

Coach: We were wondering, do you think #1 would have an interest in playing for a travel team?
YT: Really?
Coach: yeah, we play an in event in August then play or practice 2 days a week in the fall. Its pretty much a lot of the same kids he's been playing with the past couple of weeks.
YT: Its funny you should ask, he mentioned it the other day and I said I would ask but I was concerned that the travel team may not have room right now.
Coach: We always have room for someone like him! He's a good player, plays hard and is a good teammate.
YT: (at this point I could barely contain my excitement) I'll ask him, but I don't think there will be much of a conversation.

There were some other comments and explanations by the coaches, but I was so elated that most of them didn't even register. 

I walked over to #1 and give him the details...2 Minutes later he  runs up to his coach (beaming) and says:
Yes, I 'd like to play travel baseball and Thank You!
Coach: No buddy, Thank you and welcome to the team.

As he was with the coach, the wife turns to me and tells me that she has never seen a happier look on MY face. I was so proud of him, it was something that he's wanted very badly... and now it was his. HE had earned it on his own.

At that moment all of conversations he and I had to and from games/practices came flooding back to me, about why the ump called this strike and not a ball or why a certain player doesn't listen to the coaches. I remember telling him to not worry about things he couldn't control and reiterated over and over again "Just go out do your best, focus on your game, play hard, hustle on every play, never quit, do what the coaches tell you and good things will happen."

I guess was I right...

He comes running back and gives his mom a hug then tells her. "I am sooo quitting soccer!". What followed was hours of unbridled excitement** from an 11 year realizing that his dream had come true thanks to his hard work. I told him on  the way home, " Now the fun really starts" and he just smiled from ear to ear!

* He eventually hit a home run... it was last year and it was an inside the park grand slam that he got from using he speed around the bases.
** The excitement fizzled a few hours later when he remembered that the next day he was leaving to spend a week in the woods without his family for the first time at boy scout camp... but that's another post. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I thought I was crazy...

Driving home yesterday I came across a Prius in traffic in front of me... The license plate caught my eye.
Not sure if you can read it, but its says: Joy of Six

I thought "Wow, I thought I was crazy for having  4... I wonder how do they fit them in a Prius?"

Then I notice the back window had college stickers. Well I guess there's no concern to fit in them in the family taxi as they are all in or graduated from college, which explains WHY they are driving  Prius.

Then I took a closer look at the schools:

Holy Cross
Holy Cross

So I ran the numbers in my head real quick, $30-40k per year x 4 years x 6 = blink, blink...
Holy Crap! That's close to a million dollars in College Tuition bills!

Checked the web:
Nova ~$42K/year
GT~ $40K/year
HC~ $58k/year!!!

I figured by the time my circus hits the college ranks, I won't need a car... I'll just set up a cot in my office as I'll be working non-stop.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

umm... Thank you?

I stopped in the mall during lunch to pick a few items for #1's scout trip next week.
I am at the check out and a woman in her sixties is at the register. She says something that I missed and I asked her to repeat it.

Cashier: I like your cologne
Yours truly: oh, thank you...

I didn't have the heart to tell her Degree for men.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Overheard at the pool

We spent the afternoon at my parents community pool yesterday.

 #2 is in the deep end and rather than use the ladder he decides to struggle and pull himself out over the side of the pool.  As he's half way out of the water I call out from across the pool: 

Yours truly: Why don't you just climb up the ladder that is right next to you rather than struggle?

#2: Because I'm a man!

Trailer woes...

It's a lovely July Saturday, we are heading to the shore to drop the boat in the water and spend some time on the boardwalk. The wife made a detour for coffee and I pulled the truck over to check the bearings after a short stint (~5miles). They all checked fine, including the recently repaired wheel and all were cool to the touch...I get the coffee from the wife and give her a brief description of signs of trouble she should look for on the trailer when she’s following me. Smoking, wheel wobble, etc  and we head back down the highway.

We get about another 7 miles down the road, I’m constantly checking the side mirrors and everything is good.

My Cell Phone ringtone lets me know its my wife.

Yours truly: Hey, What’s up?
Wife: You just lost something off the trailer!
YT: What?
W: (full blown panic) I don’t know, OMG! pull over!! Its smoking!
YT: OK, I’m Pulling over...

By the time I get the truck slowed down and find a suitable and level spot along the road I had traveled about two tenths of a mile from when I got the phone call...

I get out and start walking back to the boat trailer to inspect the recently repair bearing, it looks fine. I look up and the wife is running toward me and pointing to the other side of the trailer.

Well, there’s your problem right there..

We’re not going any where soon without professional assistance.

My Boat recovery insurance has a trailer coverage, so I call them. Give them the necessary info and wait for a call back with an ETA from the towing company... The closest repair shop is a mile down the road.  (damn thing couldn’t have held out for another 5280 feet?)   I know it shouldn’t take long once the tow truck gets here. An hour later I come to find out because its a holiday weekend there is no one around that is available to assist me. Well, there was one company, however, they wanted $1000.00. My coverage is up to $300.00 so I’m not paying $700.00 to go less than a mile. They then informed me that they found someone that could help me first thing in the morning (Sunday). okayfine we’ll coordinate with them in morning. I hang up and call the local authorities to let them know that I would be leaving the trailer over night. notsofastcap’n, some one will be right there. Eventually a patrol car shows up and the officer tells me they can’t allow the trailer to stay on the side of the road.

At this point I’m getting an all too familiar feeling of “Rock, Hard place meet Coop”.  

I bring him to inspect the trailer and he realizes its not going anywhere in its current condition either...I explain I can’t find anyone, my wife even tried AAA and they don’t handle boats on trailers. No problem he says, he will call their heavy duty towing company (HDTC) I immediately thought: damn, that sounds expensive. I have no choice now, so I’m preparing myself for the $1000 tow that I just turned down. Although I'm thinking "wait, the price just went up... "

Officer gives HDTC the specifics and the towing distance and asks how much...  he winces and turns to me and says: $300.00, I thought I was at an Auction and said “SOLD!” in a nano second. I’ll get that back from my boat tow company.

I’m back to waiting on the side of the road for the HDTC to arrive and over the course of the next hour plus a few recurring thoughts passed through my head:

1.  I wonder if anyone I know has passed me by. I barely got out town and was sitting on a major State Highway on a gorgeous Saturday. Surely someone I knew had to pass me on the way to /from the big box stores only 4 miles down the road. 
2. How big is this tow truck going to be?
3. How the heck are they going to tow this trailer?

To pass the time I emptied the boat of anything important as I knew it would not be in secure location and the business wouldn’t be open until Monday. Then I prepared to take it off hitch when the tow truck arrived.

Question 2 was answered when this arrived:

OK, that will fit the boat trailer, but how are they getting it on the top of it, winch? I turn to the HDTC guy and ask, you want me to disconnect from the boat now?


Yeah that answers question #3 and guess who had the pleasure of driving the the truck up the flat bed?

This Guy!

My view:

Longest  mile of my life.  

Then the fun really started when I got to back it off, along the same highway and struggle with the trailer that was sliding into the highway because the wheel finally fell off as I was backing the trailer off the flat bed. However no one was heeding the boat entering their lane or the HDTC driver waving cars out of the lane... fun times,

I managed to get it off the truck and I pulled it into the lot without killing anyone. I secured the trailer best I could and headed home...

I walked into the house and thank my wife for all of her assistance and support and then our kids for being on their best behavior during a long and difficult afternoon. I then went into to the sun room and made myself a VERY strong drink. I was trying to calm myself as the adrenalin was still racing through my body from backing the three wheeled trailer with a 4000lb boat attached off the trailer. 

A short while later I get a text from my Best Bud J3.

J3: Were you pulled over by a cop while towing the boat today on the side of the highway?
YT: Pulled over, no... had a blown bearing. Thx for stopping lol
J3: We were going the other way and I said I think that’s Coop. I asked the wife if we should turn around and she said “No way, F him”
YT: Yeah, she always says that and I’m more than happy to oblige
J3: you MF!

Miss Cindy Texts me shortly thereafter
MC: Don’t believe J3, I told him we should turn around.
YT: No problem, nothing you guys could have done anyway. Ask him what I just texted him.
MC: he told me!  ;-)

So I guessed that answered question #1.

The potential danger and damage that could have been done to life and property fortunately was avoided only by the grace of god and gravity. Had I lost the wheel at highway speed that situation could have gone from a nice Saturday in July & I can’t wait to hit the boardwalk to ohmygodtheshithasjusthitthefan . I count my blessings that it ended in just some rattled nerves from backing off the flat bed. Remember folks, never go faster than your guardian angel can fly...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Overheard at the Homestead

I'm literally walking out the door for work this morning and #1 stops me. He has this concerned look on his face.

#1:  Dad, does your face hurt?
Yours Truly: No, why do you ask?
#1: because its killing me !

which brought giggles galore from The Pink One & #1... 

YT: You guys thinks that's funny?
TPO:  yeah... he got you daddy!
YT: You guys realize that I'm off for the next 4 days... That's a lot of time for payback!
TPO: #1 did it, not me!

OK, I can see what kind of a weekend we are going to have... I'm sure glad I found that stash of water balloons over the weekend.

Enjoy your 4th of July Holiday Weekend folks and stay safe! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Notes from the road... there's Cougars in AC

I had to go on business trip to Atlantic City for an industry specific trade show. We set up a booth as a show of support for our clients, show our faces, press some flesh as it were... not a lot business going on, but it is a good opportunity to reconnect with our clients.

Anyway, I was tasked to go down on Monday to set up the booth. Usually there are two of us, but a scheduling conflict resulted in me making a solo trip for the set-up. Its not uncharted territory for me and I'd only be solo for one night. I figured it was good opportunity to get some peace and quiet after a crazy couple of weeks with the kids end of the school year, scouts, baseball, softball, etc.

After I set-up the booth I head to the hotel and check in. I get settled into the room and make a few phone calls, answer some emails and start watching World Cup action on the TV. Around 5, I decide to head down to the bar and finish watching the game before grabbing a bite for dinner, maybe gamble a little bit and check into bed early. When I travel alone I make sure that I'm back in the room early and stay out of potential situations where trouble could arise.  Don't drink too much, never leave the drink unattended, be aware of your surroundings... basic stuff. Its a nice hotel away from the Boardwalk, but that doesn't stop those with ill intent from visiting and looking for potential targets.

I get to the bar, they have one TV and the soccer game on, so I take the only seat available at the end of the bar by the waitress/service area.

I order my drink and begin to survey the other patrons. Sitting next to me are 2 middle aged women and they are talking to a young man in his 20's. Immediately I give them names of Cougar 1 & 2  and the Kid. It is nearly impossible not hear everything they are saying, even with my poor hearing.  Turns out that the Kid is a professional poker player that busted out of the Hotel tournament earlier in the day. (Name change- Poker Kid). He's going on and on about all the places he's played poker around the world. Vegas, Greece, France, etc...  The ladies are comparing notes with him to the same places they have visited. Although the purposes of their visits couldn't be anymore opposite... the cougars were asking about museums and the like and the Poker Kid hadn't a clue as all he saw were hotel rooms, bars and poker tales. As time passes and their conversations continue I learn that Cougar 1 is married to a man who works for the FBI and she has 2 boys and a girl. Cougar 2 is also married (his occupation was not disclosed) and she has 2 girls and boy. Yadda, yadda, yadda,  the usual BS and pleasantries.

This goes on for about 40 minutes and I'm wrapping up my second drink. The game looks to be just about over and I weigh my options... Should I order 1 more drink,  head off to grab a bite to eat or gamble a little bit? Hmm, things are pleasant here, but I'm not sure if I should have another drink right now. 

At that moment the Poker Kid gets up and walks out of the bar. As soon as he leaves the bar, Cougar #1 picks up her iphone and turns the camera on. She adjusts the settings so the camera is viewing from the display side of the phone. I'm laughing to myself and thinking, "Group Selfie" time with her BFF.

At this point I think its important to set the stage as to how Cougar #1 and I are seated in relation to one another. There are some obstructions on the end of the bar/service area to my left so I'm sitting back a little bit in order to see the TV . Her back is to me and her left shoulder is just beneath my line of sight to the TV.  Here's a quick drawing of the seating arrangement to give you idea:

Back to the story,  Cougar 1 holds up the phone in her left hand and now I see everything in the phone display rather than the TV.  The camera is not facing me, so she doesn't realize that I can see the display. At this point, I was expecting her to lean to her right so the two Cougars can get close for a Duckfaced picture...

That's not even close to what happened.

Without saying a word, Cougar 1 pulls her own blouse and bra away from her chest and proceeds to takes a couple of "Selfie- Down Blouse" photos. Even pausing to allow the camera to adjust to focus on her intended subject or subjects as it were... all in full view of yours truly. She then shows the photos to Cougar 2 as to get a critique on the photo quality.

Blink-Blink...  WTF just happened? 

I sat there for moment, dumb founded and shaking my head, resisting every urge to introduce myself and thank her for sharing so much of her life, family and cup size with me. Then I recalled the FBI husband (and him likely being armed) and not knowing how she'd react if she knew that she unintentionally flashed me all pointed to the "potential" problem situation that I was trying to avoid... And if wasn't an unintentional flashing, then the word "potential" should be removed from the above sentence.

Yup, this was a sign big enough that even I couldn't miss it... Bartender, Check please!

The funny thing is, this isn't the first time that something like this has happened to me... even the wife was witness to that one.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

From the "Get a Rope" department

Coast Guard seeks public's help in identifying serial hoax caller


Why would you send a false distress call? Sounds like fun to send the CG on a wild goose chase rather having them be ready to respond to an actual emergency. Oh yeah, its a real knee slapper to  expose the fine men & women of the CG to additional dangers of their  already high risk jobs. You're right, its only money, why bother to save the tax payers from an already heavy burden.

I'm only a recreational boater, but I can tell that things can (and do) go from bright and sunny to ohmyf'ngodthesh!tjusthitthefan in in the blink of an eye on the water. Knowing the CG is ready willing and able to put their lives at risk for the sake mine or my family is a comforting thought when I 'm out there. The thought of their response to me or anyone else with a "real" emergency is delayed due to some stupid prank like this pisses me off to no end, 

If they ever catch the SOB or anyone else that issues a false mayday call, I'd say it justifies a good ol' fashioned keelhaulin'  

Hmm, I don't think its suppose to look like that...

That would be a blown outer bearing assembly on a boat trailer that needs to replaced before a 90 mile trip.  I'm no engineer, but I'm willing to wager that If an O-ring could do this, then a failed bearing assembly would have likely resulted in my own personal catastrophe along the GSP.

When we* pulled it, the one bearing was at 45 degree angle to the others. Upon further cleaning it was discovered that there is also a cracked bearing.. This would explain the noise my boat guy was talking about when he inspected it two years ago **.

The plan is to fix the problem wheel now, drop the boat in the slip and take care of the other 3 assemblies when the boat is in the water and we have more room to work.

*I say we, because I was there, but the credit  goes to the gentlemen that actually did the work. My two very helpful neighbors that have been offering their assistance in this matter for the better part of a year. I was just there to get the tools and learn something new... thanks M &W!

**yes 2 years, it's a crime I know... I only used it locally 3 times and then cancer and Sandy clean up took up most of my time for the past year and a half.

Sun Room Project (Updated)

UPDATED: finished product photo added

In my continued bid to knock off as many projects as possible so that when I get the boat in the water (yes I still have a boat, shut it J3), I won't have any excuse not to go use it... I decided to paint our sun room that my wife had been requesting for a couple of years. Since I don't have cancer or Sandy clean up for an excuse this year,  I took off on a Friday to tackle the job.

Its a 12x12 room, 3 of the 4 wall are screens with a half wall & sill. Two colors, walls Blue, Trim & Ceiling White. Usual math would dictate 1 gallon of each color would be sufficient for two coats and about 8 hours due all of the cutting.

Here's a couple of pictures I happened to take before I started to give you an idea of the walls and screens, not much surface area on the wall, but a lot of trim area

What I didn't account for was 2 very critical things... It was unfinished T111 with the groves every 8 inches that need to be painted with brush.  How much solid stain would be absorbed in to the untreated wood.

I started slapping the solid stain at 7:30, by 9 it was going sloooooow and I knew my timing was off and was hoping to be done in10 hours. About the same time I began to suspect the amount of stain required for the job might be off, but I trudged along. At 10:30 I was still cutting in the groves on the T111. At 11: 30 I received a text from the wife, asking if I was done.

Wife: You done yet?
Yours truly: Heh, not even close
Wife: Just kidding, the guys at the office told me to beat on you like I do to them when I need a job done, I was happy to oblige.
YT: (edited for content, this is a PG-13 blog)
YT: BTW, I found this Huge Beatle, so I saved it for #1's  bug collection.
W: really?
YT; Yeah, he kept telling me his name was Ringo but I didn't believe him and just shoved him in the box.
W: I think your inhaling too many fumes.
YT: no, all of this cutting in is making nucking futs!

About an hour or so goes by and I finished cutting and pulled out the roller. I knew I didn't have enough, but figured I'd get one coat on the large wall.  About 5 minutes later I realized that 3/8" nap wasn't suffiecnt for coverage on the T111 texture and only manged to stretch the stain to finish the first coat on part of the wall. It was 1:15 when I finally ran out of stain and took off the big Blue Home Improvement store. Realizing my error with Blue paint I also picked up a second gallon of White, thereby eliminating a need for 3rd trip at the same time, I picked up a few 1/2" nap rollers...  grabbed bag of beef jerky and bottle of water along the way for lunch and I was back and elbow deep in painting mode by 2:15.

The 1/2" nap made a huge difference in covergae, but the T111 was still sucking up the stain real fast.
The next thing I know I have Big T at my side "supervising" sooner there after, TPO and the boys get home from school so i know its 3:30, still I keep on rollin'. Finally finished walls around 4.

As you can see, the room already looks brighter

Shifted to White and trim work... this went a little bit faster as the trim in not T111, but regular 2" pine. However cutting in is still slow and tedious work and cannot be rushed.  13 hours after I started I finally finished the floor trim and around the screens. I was spent... but NOT done. The ceiling and trim around the ceiling still needed to be done. I still had a gallon and a quarter of white stain.

Saturday was already booked so everything was cleaned up and put away until Sunday.

Sunday the wife and TPO had a birthday party, it was the just me and the boys. No problem... other than Big T is in the middle of potty training and every 15 minutes he needs to go pee. This wasn't a problem when I agreed to watch him a couple of days ago, I figured I'd be done by now!

I started at 9AM, after climbing off the ladder no fewer than 8 times for Big T's PT runs, the ceiling trim and cutting in was done by 11. I noticed that I was well in to the 2nd gallon of white when I pulled out the roller...low and behold the same issue with the stain being absorbed into the wood at the speed of sound. I looked at the remaining stain... 2/3 gallon, 12x12 ceiling, its not going to be enough *sigh*.  Text wife to see if she could stop for more and send her specifics. She gets to store only to be told they don't have any more gallons and was turned away. Another employee over heard the conversation and saw my wife's face go pale wen she was told there wasn't anymore. He said that he'll give her 4 qts and charge her gallon price (woohoo!) I ran out of paint about 1pm and still hadn't finished 1st coat. Sat on the front porch and waited for her to come home. 20 Minutes and a beer later I'm back at... 2nd coat went faster, then I went back touched up the entire room then put it back together, I finally sat down at 4pm.

Finished Product Photo: As promised:

So let's see how bad I miscalculated this one:

Man Hours:
Estimated time - 8 hours (tops)
Actual time-  12 hours on Friday & 7 Hours on Sunday, 19 hours total.

Estimated  - 1 Blue & 1 White
Actual - 2 Blue & 3 White

ugh, not one of my better projects for time and resources.

Who's got two thumbs and needs to go back to Project Planning & Management 101?
This guy!!!!

Anyway, It looks good and I'm off to the next project, staining the deck. I'm just waiting until the weather cooperates, 3 days with no rain in the forecast, shouldn't be a problem in the summer in Jersey. 


Overheard at the Homestead

#2 & I are heading for Cub Scout Camp out this weekend, so I asked what he wanted on the menu for dinner.

#2: Meat!
Yours Truly: Meat? What Kind of Meat?
#2: Bear!
YT: Ummm we're fresh out of Bear meat. How about hot dogs, it's kind of like Bear.
#2: I don't Like Hot Dogs.
YT: Well, how do know if you like bear?
#2: I don't know. But We need to try it, that way in case we ever run out of food we can shoot a bear and then we'll have plenty of meat to eat.
YT: I see, well, we still have a problem. No bear meat in fridge at the moment.
#2: OK, chicken then!

I was hoping to pack light and that a package of hot dogs would hold him over for the evening.  Looks like I'll have to marinate some chicken breasts and toss in a couple of potato's for baking. He's a really picky eater, so I plan on stashing a few PB&J's in our survival kit (ie-cooler) as well.  

I'm not even going to touch breakfast... Dunkin' Donuts is  will be on the way home. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Life's not fair, even to an 11 year old.

Losing, in a word, Sucks. 

Especially when you're 11...
And you are on an undefeated Little League team...
And you and your team rallied from a 5 run deficit in last 2 innings in the playoffs to force extra innings...
And in the top of the 8th your center fielder makes a perfect throw to home to catch the runner by 2 steps...
And the Catcher (standing in base path) clearly applies tag as the runner tries go around him and ends up 8 ft outside the base path
And the umpire "missed" the tag and for some unknown reason did not enforce the out of the base line call, Either of which would have been the 3rd out, allowing the run to score.
And you ultimately lost the game because of this run...

As much as losing sucks, it was the missed call that really hurt him, a lot....Only he didn't know it, there were too many mixed emotions and chaos at the field. I knew it was going to take a little time away from everything for things to settle down and allow him to digest what had just happened.  

He rode home in silence and when he got out of the car says " I just want to punch something"  . Not wanting him to walk into the house and take his anger out on his siblings, I hold my palm up and told him to go to town. He takes a half dozen good swings and the anger is building in his eyes. The next thing I know I was standing in my driveway holding my son in my arms as he broke down in tears. I did my best to console him and let him know that sometimes life sucks, often its not fair and you need to learn how to deal with it and move on, even when it comes to baseball.

Having to break the news to my 11 year old son that life's not fair hurt me, a lot more... but it comes with the job of being a Father and it is a burden I accept without hesitation. 

Then there was the anger...  2 days later we (team parents) got confirmation from various sources of what we already knew.  That everyone at the field except the ump saw the tag and knew it was the wrong call, including the other team parents/fans. What we didn't know is that there is bad blood between my son's coach and the umpire and some of the sources suggested the missed call was part of a long standing feud between the two.

In the end it didn't matter, regardless if it was intentional or ineptitude, the season was over courtesy of a blown call. And now an 11 year old has had an up close and personal experience that demonstrated that life's not fair.